DMonti & Ese Azenabor Fashion Show at Dallas Tricia Sims Mansion

Posted on 01 October 2017

DMonti collaborated with Esé Azénabor designer of 2016 Grammy winner Kirk Franklin's wife Tammy Franklin. The runway was highlighted with beyond style Stingray bags at the prominent Dallas socialite Tricia Sims' mansion estate.

dmonti ese azenabor runway at dallas tricia sims mansion

dmonti ese azenabor runway fashion show dallas tricia sims mansion


Ese-Azenabor-DMonti-Allys Wish-2016-Grammy-Kirk-Franklin .jpg

Esé Azénabor, who featured a fabulous dress on the 2016 Grammy winner Kirk Franklin's wife Tammy Franklin debuted her 2016 Fall/Winter Collection and showcase her 2016 Spring/Summer Collection as previewed during New York Fashion Week. 

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